Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Personality Disorders in the News

A new study was released Monday, December 1, in the publication, Archives of General Psychiatry. This study is the most extensive of its kind.

The article, ‘Personality Disorders Affecting Young Adults’, as reported by the Associated Press brings home the difficulties parents, instructors, friends and relatives face in dealing with college-age Americans with personality disorders. In America today, this study confirms one of five young American adults have a personality disorder that interferes with their everyday life. These problems show up in roommate or neighbor disputes, workplace disputes and family disputes. People with personality disorders can be extremely rigid and difficult, yet they generally have no awareness of how their behavior affects others or hurts themselves. All age groups have a percentage of people with personality disorders, but young people may have a higher percentage because of changes in society over the past few decades. It’s a serious problem and treatment can help.

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Anonymous said...

cute stress-induced depression is generally caused as a consequence of a stressful event - like being criticised at work or rejected by a partner. In such cases, the person feels psychologically flattened. Many people recover from it by first accepting the situation they are in and then processing or looking for solutions and options. Some, benefit from counselling or learning problem-solving strategies. Antidepressant drugs are rarely necessary and even if they are, go for a prescription first .

Elliott Broidy said...

Interesting. Thanks for sharing the info.