Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Ways for Families” training in Alberta, Canada, for the YWCA of Calgary

I just finished a 2-day “New Ways for Families” training in Alberta, Canada, for the YWCA of Calgary. The YWCA just received a 3-year Ministry of Justice grant to implement this program, developed by our High Conflict Institute

It was a great experience, as there were nearly 100 counselors and a few lawyers in attendance, learning the “New Ways” methods of short-term counseling for potentially high-conflict families going through divorce. They asked excellent questions, especially about implementing this approach to help manage divorcing parents who are perpetrators and victims of domestic violence – one of the key goals of the program. The YWCA expects several hundred families will go through New Ways for Families and we will be studying its effectiveness.

There were also several people at the Calgary training from the Medicine Hat Family Service, also in Alberta, Canada, which also received a 3-year Ministry of Justice grant. They plan to have all divorcing families go through the New Ways program if they have a conflict over custody and access that they are bringing to court. My theory is that one-half of potentially high-conflict families that are headed into court battles over their children, will be able to stay out of court after learning the basic conflict resolution skills taught in this method. The research will tell. I look forward to more 2-day trainings in New Ways for Families this year!

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rwmaviation said...

Why not adopt equal shared parenting. It will remove the reason to fight. In jurisdictions that have shared parenting as the defacto arrangement, there is a drastic reduction in divorce cases, as the mothers are not guaranteed to get custody of the kids, and the fathers are not automatically turned into weekend visitors in their children's lives. How about also ensuring that there needs to be some evidence to accusations of abuse before they are able to be used to destroy the other parent's time with the child.

christina Fisher said...

I could not agree more!! Our systems are flawed beyond belif...mabey the courts want it that way so they can rape us low income people of our money threw lawyers and courts with useless judges!

karen crerar said...

All high conflict cases should be done fast and done through a trial, with less hearsay. We should not have to wait 2 years to be heard.